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The Plant Kit

9cm Baby Hoya Serpens Plant

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Baby Hoya Serpens! 

Initially rooted in spaghnum moss and propagated into indoor potting mix and perlite in October. Happily growing as you can see from its new growth (shown by the light green leaves). Note that this plant hasn't developed the biggest root system yet. Allow time before repotting for these roots to develop. 

Clear 9cm pot, hand picked so it can fit perfectly inside our 12cm hand painted terracotta pot range. Pair this plant with a cute 12cm matching pot, and one of our plant kit greeting cards for the perfect Christmas gift or to treat yourself!

*12cm pot in photo is not included 


Care Requirements: 

- Fairly easy care plant

- Delicate leaves which don't like to be touched

- Prefers bottom watering but I top water mine and it seems to be happy enough! 

- Bright, indirect sun. Direct sun may burn its leaves! 

- Don't overwater. This plant enjoys well-draining soil mix.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions in relation to any plant care and I can try give you any and all of my tips and tricks :)