I care about Mother Earth and I know you all do too, so I've put a lot of time into researching different options to create my products and my packaging, while still being able to get my fragile goodies safely into your hands. Mostly all NZ sourced as well!

Compostable Packaging

One of my aims for The Plant Kit was to help make your entire shopping experience with me a positive and magical experience. Part of this includes unboxing of your Plant Kit goodies! I decided to use Noissue to add some special customisation. They are AMAZING! Noissue started here in Auckland as well, and is now a global company. HOW COOL! Read below to find out exactly what products of theirs I'm using and why I'm such a fan.

  • Stamps

    The stamp itself is made from 65%+ reused plastic. On top of that, the stamp comes with a soy-based ink cartridge, which doesn't leave petrol behind when decomposing.

  • Tape

    This is my absolute favourite. The tape is made from 100% recycled FSC and soy based inks which makes it fully compostable. Also, it is activated by water - who knew it could be so sticky!?

  • Thank you cards

    I love writing up unique thank you cards for all of my customers because it adds that wee touch of personalisation. Even better that it's 100% compostable.

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Terracotta Sealer and Paints

I was actually surprised to find out that Resene is extremely environmentally conscious, which made choosing my paints really easy. Most of their paints have the Environmental Choice approval, which means that they produce no/less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) than solventborne based paints, and that includes my water repellant primer and paints!


For some reason, I just really didn't want to use bubble wrap, so I managed to find this awesome kraft paper alternative. It expands into a 3D honeycomb structure that protects the contents. I'm stoked with how well it works!



I found a lovely local company that offered printing on eco-friendly card. All of my prints and cards are made using a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mix, which means that the card is made from responsible sources.


The envelopes are also sourced from a NZ company in Dunedin! They are biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free.


For the plastic sleeve that protects the prints and cards, I managed to source polypropylene clear bags. This is still a plastic, but is more environmentally friendly than other plastics - doesn't release as many toxins and breaks down within 20-30 years rather than 500. Please reuse this for something if you can!

The print mailers are waterproof and can be reused for absolutely anything! They are made from "limestone quarry waste and recycled resin, using only renewable solar power, no water, acid or bleaches" - Better Packaging. Cool right?!